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Apr 24 2016

A Zoo in Vegas??Posted By Mike Young - 04/24/16

My 7 year old daughter recently asked me if there is a zoo in Las Vegas. I confessed that I had no idea. A quick Google search revealed that there is! Well, sort of..

The Lion Habitat Ranch was originally created to house and train lions that were on display at MGM Grand which closed the exhibit January of 2012. Since then the refuge has remain opened to the public educating patrons and caring for the majestic large cats. Most of which are decendants of Leo the Lion. He's the iconic lion that roared prior to every Metro Goldwyn Mayer movie for many years. There are also, parrots and even a giraffe at the refuge. 

Ozzy, a 2 year old even-toed ungulate mammal, has quickly become a star attraction at LHR. Everyday at noon the giant toddler paints pictures for his adoring fans. For a small donation you can even hand feed him!


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