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Interview Readiness Checklist - October 10th, 2014

OK, you think you’ve prepared for the interview.  Maybe you have, but are you READYfor the interview?

Interview READINESS goes beyond interview preparation.

Interview preparation, for the most part, refers to the interview you’re about to have (usually the next day).

Interview READINESS really means, “Will you execute what you’ve prepared?” Here’s your …


1. Have you researched the organization?

  • Have you read through their web site?
  • Do you know what they do?
  • Have you searched the Web for articles about them, in other words, what other sources are saying about them?
  • Have you asked others about them?

2.  Have you practiced?

A good performance in an interview is like a good performance on stage or on the ball field.

They depend on practice, practice, practice.

Surely you can’t practice for every single question you’ll ever get, or every different type of situation you’ll ever encounter, but practicing your standard answers and the way you give them, your questions for them, and your mannerism will help you carry out a standout performance. The more you practice, the better your performance.

3.  Have you been to the interview location prior to the interview?

It’s a smart idea. Go there a day or two ahead of time, using the same mode of transportation you’ll take on interview day. Become familiar with how long it takes to get there and any potential traffic or public transportation snags. Don’t leave anything to chance on the big day.

4.    Will you be dressed appropriately? Is your clothing clean and pressed?

This means a conservative business suit, plain white or pale blue shirt or blouse, small pattern tie for men and scarf for women, small (if any)  jewelry, and no perfume.

5. Will you have enough copies of your resume?

Yeah, sure they have it; they called you, didn’t they? But that’s not enough. You want to have enough in case you’re asked for other copies or in case you’re asked to stay to meet someone else or even if the interviewer just wants another one.

6. Do you have enough good questions to ask them?

If not, you’ll appear disinterested and uninteresting. Besides, you won’t give yourself the chance to find out as much about them as they will about you. This should be a two-way affair.

7. Will you have enough rest?

This could be the most important of all. Being rested, fresh, and alert is critical. You’ll do better and look better. Finish your preparations early the evening before, get a good night’s sleep, rise early, and get yourself into fourth gear before you walk in.

Career Coach Eli Amdur conducts workshops and one-on-one coaching in Job Search, Career Planning, Resumes, and Interviewing. Reach him at or 201-357-5844.