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By Pete Allman


Victor Scotto and family have been cooking most of their lives.Chateau Breand, their legendary restaurant, which has been around for 20 years in Manhattan, is the base of operations and the Las Vegas restaurant is celebrating it's 14TH year.Delvina Burda, the General Manager, recently chatted with me about Josaline Martinez, the chef from the Dominican Republic.Chef Josie, as her friends call her, learned how to cook from her family and her grandparents who cooked for The President of Dominican Republic.She is truly passionate about her cuisine and is quick to tell you about living a healthy life style, which includes eating healthy.

''Eating healthy is fun and very tantalizing to the taste buds,'' states Chef Josie.According to her, there's all sorts of delicious recipes. One is eggplant Parmesan, which is prepared on the light side. The finest cheese and fresh eggplant.Then there's wholewheat spaghetti, rigatoni and all sorts of delectable salads.That's not all.Oyster Bay Seafood and Wine Bar serves breakfast, with egg whites or regular eggs with fresh mushrooms, tomatoes, bell peppers and scallions.But enough already, let's take a true Italian cuisine trip to Italy.

My guest, Mark Richards, a world traveler himself enjoyed a seafood salad, while I enjoyed a large bowl of Lobster Bisque soup.

The seafood salad was made with fresh mixed greens,one touch of Balsamic vinaigrette,cherry tomatoes,and crab.The recipe in New York at Chateau Breand has pine nuts, red and green apple, dried cranberries, pine nuts and a touch of Balsamic Vinaigrette.My soup was soo delicious.Ah this is so good and the recipe is relatively simple.Boil the lobster, which is taken fresh from the tank, then make a lobster garlic bass with celery,onions whole black peppers potato and a little butter, all blended together.

Chef Josie makes all the soups fresh everyday.That in itself is great way to have lunch.Our major entree included baked lobster, which is prepared with breaded crumbs and some special secret ingredients.I had a special dish Chef Josie created just for me.

Wheat pasta with fresh shrimp, simmered in white wine, with garlic.Another excellent presentation which Celebrity Scene will have on it's you channel, our journey ending, creme boulee and a shot of vanilla snaps send us flying away to another adventure in Las Vegas.Celebrity Scene awards 5 stars to the Scotto Brothers Oyster Bay Seafood and Wine Bar for their ambiance, service and exceptional cuisine.

Call for reservations for breakfast, lunch or dinner at [702] 794-2929.For catering a small or large function speak to Dalvina Burda and be sure to tell Chef Josie Pete Allman sent ya.