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Authentic Italian Cuisine Prepared By Chef Marc

By Peter Allman


aic_store1_600During my travels, it never amazes me that certain restaurants stand above others. Parma Pastavino and Deli, located on 759 Washington Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89101, is one of those eateries where families love to sit back in one of their comfortable lounge chairs and partake in some very tasty cuisine. It's almost like relaxing in your living room. I didn't realize that Marc Sgrizzi, the owner, was someone I knew from his prior restaurants and his boxing workouts at Johnny Taco's boxing gym. Marc, originally grew up in Upstate New York, later moving to Florida with his parents. It wasn't long before the kid would learn the art of cooking when his parents opened their restaurant on Singer Island. Chef Marc, on the other hand had a passion to explore various types of cooking, and returned to New York and learned the art of preparing cuisine in its natural state. During his early years, he returned to Southern Florida and became a big hit there, later moving to Las Vegas, where he's had other restaurants and is now expanding to Henderson with his newly created Pizzeria. With that said, Parma Pastavino and Deli, his new restaurant, has just celebrated its 4th year and I just happened to be there with my associate Rossana Huang. Ms. Huang is a vegetarian and I myself have stopped eating meat. That is why I chose to dine at Parma. I learned about Parma when I stopped by their new pizza house, Pizzeria Napoletana Wood Fired at 5705 Centennial Center Blvd, Ste 170, Las Vegas, NV 89149. I must say, it's the best pizza I've ever tasted, where they use a wood fired oven and the finest Buffalo Mozzarella cheese and flour available, and that's a fact. So, let's journey to Italy with Chef Marc.

aic_deli_600Beginning with the garlic bread, Parma uses French bread with just the right amount of garlic. Along with the bread, you can't do without the traditional soup of Italy, Pasta Fagiola. It is prepared with Italian white bean and pasta soup. Now comes the inspirational part of our dining journey. Yes, Diane our waitress served the organic beet salad. Whatever the dressing consists of, and I tasted some basil in it, it was delicious. I'm a firm believer of surprises. Without any warning, the secret dish that was served, just astounded us. It was the Gnocchi with speck, organic peas, with parmesan cream sauce. That indeed was the prize winning dish, a favorite at Parma. Our main course however, consisted of a Portobello Mushroom with four layer cheese on a bed of spinach, for Rossana. "I love it" where the words spoken from her. Ah but I had the Wahoo special, which is a wonderful fish prepared in a tomato base just for me with some very wonderful spices. What's not to like about this neighborhood restaurant and deli. It's all you need to dine in or just buy your favorite cheese salami and all that goes along with those types of foods, not to mention the homemade pastas and sauces.

aic_shelf_600Like all good people with appetites, there's always room for desserts, especially homemade deserts. Nadia makes the Tiramisu, Dada makes the cakes and Diane makes the Cannoli's. We had all three and they were just what we expected from a fine bakery chef. The Tiramisu is layered cake made with savoiardi biscuits, which are soaked in coffee. Pastry chefs usually use a sweet mixture of mascarpone cheese mixed with eggs and sugar. Who really knows what other ingredients Chef Marc has added to his own recipe for this favorite dish.


Parma Pastavino and Deli hours of operation are 10am -10pm Monday-Saturday and 11-8pm on Sunday. Visit their website at and check out their catering menu. Call Marc or his brothers Don and Mike for reservations at [702] 233-6272. Celebrity Scene News rates Parma by Chef Marc a four star rating.

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