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Café Brasil - The Dining Experience

By Pete Allman

Cafe BrasilCafe BrasilLos Angeles has many restaurants to entice our palates, but Café Brasil is unique in that it brings a festive celebration for patrons looking for a refreshing menu. The environment of the cafe is one of colors and a celebration of art, with lots of fruits on each table, where each table has its own character. On this particular occasion I was dining by myself. Fatima and Marcelino Felio, the owners greeted me with some wonderful Tropical drinks to start off the evening.

All the drinks are prepared to order, such as fresh mango, Passion fruit juice with Grenadine and the House Ck, prepared with Passion fruit juice mix with Sugar Cane juice. Ah, what a delightful taste these drinks have to inspire the palate. There's also alcoholic beverages such as a Mimosa with fresh squeezed orange juice and Champagne, Adam and Eve, prepared with Sake and apple syrup among other cocktails such as Sangria, The Oxnard, prepared with strawberry juice and sake.

Cafe BrasilEnough already for the drinks. Time for a culinary journey that will set your heart sailing to Brazil. I recommend the Portuguese sausage and the New Zealand Lamb Chops. These dishes are accompanied marinated with Brazilian spices, grilled and served with White rice, Black beans, Salsa, Fried Plantains and Salad or Soup, all for a modest $12.95 for the Portuguese sausage and $17.95 the New Zealand lamb Chops. There's nothing quite so tasty as these two dishes in my opinion. There are on the other hand, a number of Vegetarian dishes for Vegetarians and some wonderful salads. This is a very good reason to explore the sumptuous cuisine of Café Brasil.

Another good reason to visit this eatery is their deserts. All their deserts are homemade. The Apple tarts, Passion Fruit Mousse and Brasilian flan, along with the homemade Pound Cake is habit forming. Now all you have to do is visit their locations at 11740 Washington Blvd or their location on 10831 Venice Blvd. , or call (310) 636-1980 0r (310) 837-8957. Celebrity Scene news awards  4 stars for an excellent dining experience and wonderful ambiance. Tell them Pete sent Ya!

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