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The Las Vegas Rock n Roll Marathon Enhances Runners Confidence

By Pete Allman

Las Vegas Rock n Roll Marathon StartThe Rock n Roll Marathon series, the North American Tour had some 31,000 people register on the weekend of November 15th-17th. Athletes from 52 countries and throughout the United States got ready for the glitz and lights of Las Vegas. The race started with the half Marathon, a 13.2 mile course beginning on the East side of the Las Vegas strip from Mandalay Bay and going North all the way to Fremont Experience, while the 26.2 mile Marathon went past Fremont Experience through the tunnel which goes to Outlet Mall behind the Plaza Hotel returning towards the strip to the finish line at The Mirage. The following top 10 runners were as follows:
Las Vegas Rock n Roll Marathon Mens WinnerJason Brosseau #28 of Colorado Springs, Colorado won the 26.2 mile in 2:38.28 seconds while Andrew Duncan, #6 from Las Vegas, Nevada clocked in at 2:35.35. Justin Kurek, #1040, of California came in at 2:37.17 and Martin Gignac, 31068 had a time of 2:47.25. Johnathan Harmon,#2 from Phoniex, Airazona clocked in at 2:52.25,Federico Hass #8289 came in at 2:55.49, Shannon Falconer, #1065 from California at 2:56.23, Max Lockwood #2252 of Washington, DC at 2:56.59, Michael Warden, #3 at 2:57.56. The top two women were Nuta Olaru, 3101 from Boulder ,Colorado at 2:58.46 and Jennifer Benitez # 2179 from Carol Stream Illonis at 3:04.43. Jason Brosseau, 28, a U.S. Air-force Captain while he was on a 6th month deployment to the Al Udeed Air Base in Qatar, located in Southeast Asia, trained at 100 degrees with 80 percent humidify. "I was training in the sand and training in the heat", stated Brosseau. When asked if the glitz of Las Vegas distracted him, his reply was."The lights and the music was great. The weather was perfect and we ran on a flat land with no hills. Brosseau returned from Qatar on October 30th and placed third in the Air Force Marathon in 2010 but hadn't run a marathon in 17 months before beating out Las Vegan, Andrew Duncan.

During the interview when asked about what The Las Vegas Rock and Roll Marathon giving folks a sense of accomplishment and confidence, Brosseau stated, "it is one of the best ways to build self esteem and self worth."

Michael Wardian, who is known throughout the world, is one of 200 runners who won in San Antonio, where it was hot and humid conditions with a time of 2:31.19. That was Sunday morning, with Wardian flying to Las Vegas to get ready for the 4:30 afternoon full marathon. Wardian said his legs gave out in the second half of the marathon, cramping and that he had to go to the bathroom a couple of times due to his stomach feeling uneasy. That wasn't something he said that ever happened to him.

Las Vegas Rock n Roll Marathon Womens WinnerNuta Olara won the second straight win in the woman's marathon at 2:58.46 and reigning Adriana Nelson won the half marathon at 1:18.10. Nuta and Nelson. originally from Romania, are friends and live in Boulder ,Colorado.

The Half Marathon, top 10 were as follows: Fidele Jefferson,#216 from Flagstaff, Airazona at 1:06.17, Tefera Deneke,#201 from Flagstaff, Arizona at 1:06.26. Mario Marcas #200 of Manitou Springs, Colorado was 1:06.47, Ahmed Osman #217 of Flagstaff ,Arizona came in at 1:09.43, Dustin Betz,#1281 of Schnellville, Indiana had it at 1:10.27, Steve Chu #210 of Colorado Springs, Colorado 1:10.45, Aron Metler #202, from St George, Utah at 1:11.52, Robby Webster,#1777 from Puyallup, Washington at 1:11.52, Devin Mancuso, #207 of Henderson, Nevada at 1:12.59 and Mario Salizar, #1291from Mexico at 1:13.56.

The top two women were Adriana Nelson, #310 from Boulder, Colorado at 1:18.10 and Jennifer Berilez #1319, from Albuquerque, New Mexico at 1:22.38.

Inspirational as this Marathon was, it was just as inspiring to see Grant Berthiaume #5 from Tucson, win the wheel chair marathon at 2:08.38."I came out fast but I failed at the end to get the time I wanted." He added, I flew in from Philadelphia early this morning, so that may have had slowed me down."For a scheduled list of Rock n Roll Marathon events visit

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