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Three Days TV Uses New Technology

By Pete Allman

Scott Polera, 3 Days TVScott Polera, the man behind the camera started his company a few short years ago out of necessity. The cinematographer was working for a producer, covering a documentary, when all of sudden the company couldn't pay the staff. Scott, at that moment had a choice to make and decided to create Three Days TV in 3 days. He had seven more days to shoot the event, so, Scott and partner, Steve Sadler created 3 Days TV in just three days and hasn't looked back.

As a technical person, Scott has many years' experience in designing web sites, graphic design and specializing in social media. His first love however is the camera and filming live concerts and events as well as feature films. Keeping up with technology, 3 Days TV uses aerial drones to catch overhead shots for concerts and documentaries. "The cost of using helicopters for overhead shots can be exorbitant. This is especially tough for companies who have to cut back on their budgets. That's why we use small HD cameras on the aerial drones, which reduced the cost of producing a video or documentary," states Polera. Hollywood still has an issue with us when we show up on set with small hand-held cameras and DSLR's that take mere minutes to set up, get the shot, and get out.

3 Days in Daytona: BikeWeekWhen shooting 10 Days in Daytona: BikeWeek 2013 along with "The Rally Stalker" during an event in Daytona Beach, Florida, it was critical that our staff was to not interfere with the crowd, yet get all the action. At one point, a bouncer approached us, (an actor was in a scene to cause trouble) and tried to remove the actor not knowing we were shooting the scene. That's the style of getting the job done without overspending on a shoot or interfering with a particular event. During the peak of the event, we heard the MC announce, “If you see a crazy person run across the bar with a machete, don't worry, we are making a horror film! On, second thought, maybe you should worry..hahaha". When asked how he overcame obstacles, he replied, "I always knew I would become a director of some sort. I always look at things ahead and get through my challenges that way." Since then, 3 Days TV has completed several DVD's including, 3 Days in Daytona: Biketoberfest, The Rally Stalker, Green Jelly Live in Orlando, 10 Days in Daytona: BikeWeek and several Las Vegas and Tampa local shorts and commercials.

Most recently 3 Days TV covered Canon For Kids at The Bellagio Resort and Casino. Kevin Sorbo, John Walsh from Americas Most Wanted and Roger Clemens for The Boston Red Socks were some of the celebrities he captured at the event. For a man who had his own manufacturing of kiteboarding kites, surf boards, and having to go out of business when the recession hit, Scott Polera uplifted himself into another field and pressed on to his success, to become one of the top video companies in Nevada. For more information on 3 Days TV or to arrange a filming log onto or call 386-566-5888.

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