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Cigar Bars & Lounges



Las Vegas cigar bars and cigar lounges have been favored destinations for many who not only live in Las Vegas, but also prominent travellers from near and distant countries. If you are looking for an excellent cigar bar or cigar lounge in Las Vegas, then you have come to the right place! Our featured bars and lounges are some of the most popular destinations when searching for a quality cigar, or an appropiate environment in which to smoke one. You can find Las Vegas cigar bars and lounges all over Las Vegas and in almost every major Hotel and Casino on The Strip. Other locations such as, Cigarbox, built to exclusivly to cater to Las Vegas locals, is an off-strip jaunt for experienced travellers.
Because Las Vegas recieves high foot traffic from tourists and vacationers, the city tries to cater to every exciting pleasure and indulgance. Cigar smoking is no acception. Tourism fuels Las Vegas and making sure that everyone is happy is our first priority. So why not have a vast choice of cigar bars and lounges for Las Vegas visitors to choose from? Vegas cigar shops and lounges offer hard-to-find cigar brands not available in your home town. So at this point all you have to do is choose the Las Vegas cigar bar or lounge that you want to visit.



Macanudo cigars popularity is not limited to Las Vegas. Its world-wide fame makes it the best selling cigar brand her in America. For decades this favorite among cigar smokers has graced humidors all over the world because of its consistently smooth and mild taste. Macanudo cigars originated in Jamaica under General Cigar, and is now produced today in the Dominican Republic.

Combine a Connecticut shade wrapper with Dominican filters, and a unique binder grown in the San Andres Valley of Mexico, and you get a Macanudo cigar that is straight forward and light in flavor with a very short finish. The Macanudo brand can be found in most Las Vegas cigar bars and cigar lounges around Las Vegas. The best place to find them are in the Hotel & Casino cigar shops in the Las Vegas Strip.

The Montecristo cigar brand has been a world favorite for many decades now. The cigar made its debute in Cuba several decades ago and has become one of the most talked about and smoked cigars on the face of our planet. Every experienced cigar smoker knows of this brand. Indulging in this hand rolled piece of art will be a smooth and relaxing experience as you inhale and taste the smotth natural flavor.

Their is truly no other cigar like the Montecristo. It's just enough for one setting, and leaves a great aroma on the air. There are many brands to choose from under the Montecristo name. It's up to you to choose the one that will satisy your smoking needs. You can visit any of our Las vegas cigar bars or cigar lounges and find an array of the Montecristo brand.

The Romeo y Julieta cigar gained instant recognition not too long after its development. Created in 1875, it would go on to win four gold medals in four different universal expositions just ten years later between 1885 and 1900. Because of its decorated background, many politicians, executives, and even celebrities have been drawn to the cuban smoke and to this day remains a popular cigar among the elite.

Many brands of the Romeo y Juliet cigar can be easily found in different locations in the Las Vegas valley. Most of the Cigar lounges and cigar bars in Las Vegas make sure to stock only the finest cigars that the world has to offer. After all, many people from different parts of the world visit our city everyday. So making them feel right at home is priority one.