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Las Vegas Hookah Lounges & Hookah Bars


When it comes to hookah smoking, Las Vegas has some of the coolest hookah bars and hookah lounges in the world! Since the hookah gained worldwide popularity, hookah lounges have popped up one after the other meeting demands in the flavored smoking fad. Las Vegas hookah lounges and hookah bars are packed with people who love the many tastes of flavored tobacco. Many hookah bars in Las Vegas create an environment that fits the hookah enthusiasts needs, while keeping the traditional decoration of the hookah's Middle Eastern origin.

Las Vegas hookah bars and hookah lounges make for a perfect place to kick back an relax with associates and friends. Since Las Vegas is apopular destination for many around the world, it was only fitting that Las Vegas began to establish several hookah bars and lounges around the Valley. Here are some great Las Vegas hookah bars and hookah lounges to check out when in Vegas.

Almaza Hookah Lounge & Restaurant - A Middle Eastern restaurant, hookah bar and lounge in Las Vegas. Open 7 days a week with live music and belly daning on Friday and Saturday nights.

Azuza Hookah & Fine Teas - A hookah and fine teas bar in Las Vegas. Open 7 days a week from 2pm until.

Red Hookah Lounge- A Las Vegas hookah lounge that has wow'd many with their lounge design.

Hookah Palace - A Las Vegas hookah lounge/club combo that puts a new twist on the hookah experience.

Since most people can't even tell you the proper name of a hookah, they definitely have no clue what to actually smoke out of a hookah. The traditional tobacco that smokes out of a hookah is called "Shisha". The sticky and moist substance usually arrives wrapped tightly in plastic to help lock in the flavor and moisture until you are ready to taste its unforgettable flavors.

The advantage of shisha is its rich texture and moisture content, coaxing a slow & flavorful burn. This allows you patiently enjoy your hookah experience. Traditionally you use a specialy made piece of charcoal to keep the slow burn while you inhale the rich flavor of your chosen shisha.


How do you smoke a hookah, you say? Don't let the complexity of the pipe fool you. It's actually very easy to use. It starts with choosing the hookah you'd like to smoke from and choosing the shisha flavor you'd like to taste. After you selection is made, you are ready to set your hookah up for a slow, flavorful burn.

Make sure that your hookah water is fresh. Don't fill the base up too much or you will begin to pull water through your hose. Pack the bowl of your hookah with your shisha so it does not overflow, taking care not to pack too tightly. You want the ability to inhale through the hose as easily as possible. Place a piece of tin foil over the packed hookah bowl and poke a few holes in the top, preferably in a symmetrical pattern. If you have not already done so, light the hookah charcoal and place it on the top of the foiled hookah bowl. (Some prefer to light the charcoal to have a full burn by the time the charcoal is placed on the top of the bowl.) Check the hose connections to the hookah and make sure that it is well seated for the best results. Take your hookah hose and inhale to help the charcoal ignite the shisha. If you are using a hookah with more than one hose, make sure you place your thumb over the opening of your hose so others can properly pull smoke through their hookah hose. Once you ignite the shisha, it will burn slow and produce thick clouds of flavored smoke with every drag taken.