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Find the Best Las Vegas Hotel Pools - Casino Swimming Pool Reviews

Las Vegas does Swimming Pools right.

In a city with an average Summer temperature of one hundred and five degrees, and a sprawling community of world-famous hotels, just about every swimming pool had better be fantastic. The good news is: they are. We've got waterfalls, meticulous landscaping, islands, and sandy beaches. Plenty of hotels give you cabanas, couches, DJs, privacy, palm trees and umbrella drinks. Depending on your tastes and desires, you can sip cocktails all day without leaving your deck chair, sunbathe topless, dominate blackjack in your swimwear, or push the kids down the waterslide. Just as there's a hotel for everyone, there's a pool for everyone, too.


Pool Etiquette

Remember, it's not polite to stare.
Oh, okay, go ahead and stare. These people didn't work out for months, bake for hours in the tanning bed, and agonize for days over their suit selection for you to not look at them. Other than that, standard pool rules apply: No running with your yard-long margarita. Only four thousand people in the pool at any one time. The better you tip your cabana boy-or-girl, the better your service becomes. It's all common sense.

European? What Does That mean?

In Las Vegas, if you're not talking about food, "European" means "Topless." A few topless pools dot the Strip, each with different prices and pool sizes. Generally, men are going to have to pay quite a bit more than women, and groups of rowdy single guys will be discouraged from entering. The hotels are serious about not staring here, and anyone with an ogling problem will be asked to leave. Outside of these stipulations, European pools are smaller, more peaceful oases than their bigger-brother all-access pools. The idea behind them is to be yourself, relax, and end up with a perfect tan.

The Best Pools in Nevada

A beautiful las vegas swimming pool at night Tao Beac swimming pool, seen from the deck of the topless pool beautiful, sexy people at a swimming pool in Nevada a gorgeous sky seen from the swimming pool a poolside cabana to rent from a las vegas casino A bikini-clad cocktail waitress at Red Rock Station's Swimming Pool

Here are the highlights:

  • The Mirage Pool consists of a series of interconnected lagoons, broken by waterfalls, water slides, and whirlpools. It's beautiful, as trees and shrubs line every pathway and poolside. It's popular, but the exploratory nature of the walkways keep you from ever feeling like you're in a crowd.
  • The Golden Nugget now features a thirty million dollar pool complex called The Tank. It's a spacious swimming pool, with a shark tank embedded in the center, with a three-story extra pool hidden in the middle of that. The waterslide drops, protected, through the middle of the sharks, and the entire area is surrounded by bars, table games, and lounge pools. Sound confusing? It must be seen to be appreciated.
  • The Tropicana is a vintage property with a classic pool. One of the original, giant, meandering, multiple-lagoon style pools in Las Vegas, it's still one of the most comfortable and fun, featuring swim-up blackjack tables, waterfalls, and an adults only area. A smaller heated section that spreading underneath the hotel is featured throughout the winter.
  • Las Vegas' pools get very, very crowded.Mandalay Beach hosts a few pools, the most spectacular of which is the main beach, where a wave machine pumps breakers up a sandy beach. The whole playground is eleven acres, and can be navigated just by allowing the current carry you along the Lazy River. An events stage extends into the wave pool, so the whole area gets used day and night.
  • The Bellagio's pool reflects the hotel and casino; it's very, very tasteful and artistic. The pool complex is sprawling, and you'll be able to relax in peace and semi-privacy. Secluded walkways meander under topiary arches, and classic fountains occupy central locations in the pools.
  • The Hard Rock, Palms, and Rio: Mentioned together because these are the places you go when you want to be wedged into a swimming pool packed with aspiring models. Depending on the day, there will be DJs, dancing, and crowds. Giant billboards and full-page ads in tourist magazines promote these parties, and thousands of visitors and locals alike make their appearance.

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