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Meatball Spot - A Las Vegas Favorite

By Peter Allman

There's a new dining spot in Las Vegas, it's called Meatball Spot, conveniently located in Town Square at 6605 Las Vegas Blvd.

Stevie D and Tom Racinne, the owners are both astute businessmen in the hospitality field who wanted to provide a dining spot that would be fun and welcome local and national celebrities. This restaurant is of a rustic feel, with a brick wall that is the major focus of the restaurant, with a full fledge bar in its center. There's also a great patio area, outlined with a white picket fence. It is definitely a social setting in late hours, with it's own DJ. The daily operations are handled by Jackson Clay and Sean .With so many restaurants already in Las Vegas, Meatball Spot has a different menu, created in part by award winning celebrity chef Carla Pellegrino. started their culinary journey with Game show producer Mark Richards and Realtor, Victoria Boone. Chef Sean Schutte, the house chef introduced a selection of meatballs with some fabulous sauces. The orders come with 3 meatballs with your choice of sauce and toasted French bread. for $7.99. The Classic, made with a blend of beef, veal and pork with Romano cheese and fresh herbs is a big hit with Las Vegas residences. Each order comes with 5 different sauces. Classic tomato, spicy meat sauce, parmesan cream, pesto and mushroom. Variety is the secret at Meatball Spot. Patrons can order Pork meatballs, blended with fennel, fresh herbs and spices. The beef meatball consists of fresh beef, blended with Pecorino Romano cheese, herbs and spices. Other selections include the chicken meatballs with farm raised chicken with Parmesan Cheese, garlic and herbs. Turkey meatballs consists of free range turkey with Parmesan cheese, garlic and herbs, which is also a very popular dish. For the vegetarians there's a choice of sautéed veggies, lentils and fresh herbs. Other items on the menu include a large selection of salads such as Apple salad prepared with baby spinach, Fugi apples, candied pecans, gorgonzola and strawberry vinaigrette. For those who want to order a pizza Roman style, there's half tray pizzas for $10.99 and full trays for $19.99,all which can be ordered with your favorite toppings. So, if you're so inclined to have an evening of fun with cuisine that's prepared fresh, check out Meatball Spot and be sure you try their gourmet ice cream sandwiches such as Bananas Foster and the Cookie Explosion Milkshake. Hours are 11:15am-11pm Monday-Sunday.

Now then, call now for reservations at [702] 641-7768 and tell them Pete sent ya!

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