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Michael Leonetti - A Champion In Life Returns

By Peter Allman

Michael Leonetti is one of those rare individuals, who never let the hard times in life get to him. He is credited as one of the legendary entertainers who helped make Las Vegas the "Live Entertainment Capitol of the World". Growing up in Philadelphia, where he was raised by his grandfather, Michael Leonetti, a true immigrant from Italy, he learned to defend himself, entering the Golden Gloves.

Leonetti has traveled around the world twice and dined with Kings and Queens. He was discovered by the Triniers in New York City, where he astounded audiences throughout the city with his Louie Prima songs and his drumming. Michael Leonetti started his career as a musician at the age of 4 years old learning to play drums and other instruments. He went professional at the age of 10.

In 1974, the term, "go west young man" applied to his talent and Las Vegas became his home. This where Michael Leonetti became a household word at The Dunes Hotel and The Riviera. He also opened his own restaurants, was the owner of a car dealership and had one of the premiere magazines, Las Vegas Image, where he interviewed Jerry Lewis, Robert Goulet, among many others. Michael Leonetti had everything a good American could dream about, including a beautiful wife and daughter, a humble home, and lots of dignitaries and celebrities enjoying his cooking each weekend.

Unfortunately, as life sometimes presence horrifying experiences, Michael Leonetti would lose his family, his home, his businesses and his freedom for 13 years.

Just over 13 years ago, there was an unfortunate business deal, when Michael had produced the Shaolin Monk show, which he got through Rebecca Conway aka Rebecca Tyre who worked for him. After traveling to China and preparing the music, he was undermined and ended up losing $140,000. Needless to say, the lady who worked for him, left his company, but her daughter stayed. The daughter, Chelsea, handled the books for Mr. Leonetti's company. While Chelsea was making a good salary, she ended up getting a call from her girlfriend who needed an abortion at the tune of $700.00.

With the promise of paying her back she loaned her girlfriend the money.

It ended up in one big argument, with Chelsea not being repaid. Her girlfriend ended up calling the police, stating she was having an affair with Mr. Leonetti. That's what ended a good working relationship for Chelsea and her employer. Although the police had question Chelsea and her parents about the false claim, both the parents and daughter signed a no prosecution clause, dismissing any claims against Mr. Leonetti.

To further complicate things, Mr. Leonetti was going to put the Las Vegas Police Department on the front cover of his magazine. He also had his lawyer file a lawsuit for $250,000. While all this was boiling to new heights, one of the final blows came when Mr. Leonetti had to fire Chelsea, due to some missconduct with his daughter. That outraged Chelsea, who was vendective, went to the police and told them she was having an affair with Mr. Leonetti. That is when detective Barry Jenson falsely arrested Mr. Leonetti in front of his daughter and wife. Mr. Leonettis life passed before him, and he was sentenced to 20 years in prison by Judge John Mc Groaty. His attorney in this case was James GuessmanBar Bar 1610. Guesman was representing Mr. Leonetti and his wife at the same time, which is a direct conflict of interest. Nevertheless, he was not acting according to the law and has since that time been repremanted by the Naveda Bar.

God eventually had a plan for Michael Leonetti while all seemed lost. He used him to change thousands of the most harden criminals, by producing, writing and directing 60 biblical plays, something that has never been accomplished in the history of the prison system.

On March 12, 2012 Michael Leonetti was released from prison for a 12 and half year sentenced served on an expired 20 year sentence. The 9Th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed and remanded the Leonetti case on actual innocence and ordered Debra Bookout, the Federal court attorney to put in an addendum petition on actual innocence for April 15TH, 2013.

Although Michael Leonetti is a Champion in life, who has returned to Las Vegas, his loss of his family and all that he acquired is gone. Who then replaces the anguish of a man who faced the most horrifying situations for a crime the documents show he did not commit. For more information on the Michael Leonetti story visit Google and, where his name can be typed in the search engine. The printed information and the videos will show the integrity, compassion, attitude and love, Michael Leonetti has for mankind.