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Midwest Express Las Vegas

About Us: The minute you walk onto one of our Signature Service jets, you know Midwest is different. Wide leather seats, superior service, chocolate chip cookies baked onboard and competitive fares have helped us earn our reputation as "The best care in the air". We've added new dimensions with our budget-conscious Saver Service, featuring low fares and extra legroom to some of your favorite vacation destinations. Add our Midwest Connect regional service and there's something for both business and leisure travelers alike.

Midwest Airlines features nonstop jet service to major destinations throughout the United States. Midwest Connect offers connections to Midwest Airlines flights, as well as point-to-point service between select markets on regional jet and turboprop aircraft.


From wider seats and extra legroom to personal attention and chocolate chip cookies, Midwest Airlines' unique combination of personal attention and inflight amenities provides passengers with an unparalleled travel experience like no other. Every member of the Midwest team is committed to offering "The best care in the air" on every flight, every day.

Midwest Airlines Saver Service provides nonstop, low-fare flights to leisure destinations.

Midwest Airlines Signature Service is featured on all other Midwest Airlines routes. Seating on Signature flights is altered from the standard 2-by-3 coach seating to a roomier two-by-two configuration, with wide leather seats for top-class additional passenger comfort. The 717 aircraft also offer adjustable footrests and head cushions.

Both Saver and Signature flights offer extra legroom for added comfort. Pitch (the distance between seats) averages 33-34", depending on aircraft type significantly more than the 30" most airlines average in coach class. The interior width of seat cushions on Midwest aircraft is 18" on Saver flights and 21" on Signature flights, compared with coach seating that is 17-18" wide on most airlines.

Midwest Connect's fleet of regional jets, Fairchild 328JETs, features 32 reclining leather seats with a 31" pitch, and the widest and tallest passenger cabins in their class.

The Midwest Connect fleet also includes Beech 1900D turboprops, pressurized and soundproofed for maximum passenger comfort. The aircraft are specially fitted with 19 contoured leather seats and feature stand-up cabins. Individual tray tables and reading lights create a comfortable work area for the business traveler.

Travel Policies:

Part of our commitment to providing the "The best care in the air" - and on the ground - is clearly communicating all of our policies and providing tips to make your journey smooth and safe.

In that spirit, we've outlined our travel policies on everything from fare types, check-in options and procedures, baggage guidelines and other helpful travel information.

Baggage Liability
Midwest's baggage liability is limited to $2,800 per fare-paying passenger domestically. Liability does not cover fragile or perishable articles, medication, money, jewelry, electronic/video/photographic equipment or other valuables listed in the Contract of Carriage. Midwest does not assume liability for normal wear and tear, damage to or loss of baggage parts such as wheels, feet, straps, pockets, retractable handles, hanger hooks, or other items attached to the baggage. Notice of missing baggage must be reported within four hours of flight arrival; damage or pilfered baggage within 48 hours of flight arrival.

Contract of Carriage
A complete copy of the Terms and Conditions of the Midwest Contract of Carriage is available for inspection at all Midwest locations, on our Web site at, or you may request a copy, free of charge by writing: Midwest Airlines, Attn: Consumer Affairs, 6744 South Howell Avenue HQ-8, Oak Creek, WI 53154

Overbooking of Flights
Airline flights may be overbooked, and there is a chance that a seat will not be available on a flight for which a passenger has a confirmed reservation. If the flight is overbooked, no one will be denied a seat until airline personnel first ask for volunteers willing to give up their seat in exchange for payment of the airline's choosing. If there are not enough volunteers, the airline will deny boarding to other persons in accordance with its particular boarding priorities. With few exceptions, persons denied boarding involuntarily are entitled to compensation. Complete rules for payment of compensation and boarding priorities are available at all Midwest airport ticket counters and boarding locations.

Advice to International Passengers on Limitations of Liability
Passengers on a journey involving an ultimate destination or stop in a country other than the country of departure are advised that either the Montreal Convention or the Warsaw Convention may apply to their entire journey including any portion thereof entirely within a country. For such passengers, the Montreal Convention or the Warsaw Convention, including any implement contracts of carriage embodied in applicable tariffs, governs and may limit the liability of the carrier for death or injury to passengers.

Notice of Baggage Liability Limitations for International Travel
For international travel (including domestic portions of international journeys) where the Montreal Convention applies, liability for loss, delay or damage to checked baggage is limited to the sum of 1,000 Special Drawing Rights for each passenger unless a higher value is declared in advance and additional charges are paid. For international travel (including domestic portions of international journeys) where the Warsaw Convention applies, liability for loss, delay or damage to checked baggage is limited to approximately $9.07 per pound unless a higher value is declared in advance and additional charges are paid. Liability for unchecked baggage is limited to $400 per passenger. Excess valuation may not be declared on certain types of valuable articles. Carriers may not assume liability for fragile or perishable articles. Further information may be obtained for the carrier.

Midwest Airlines Profile:

Midwest Airlines’ unique combination of personal attention, professional customer care and comfort provides passengers an unparalleled travel experience. Every member of the Midwest team is committed to offering "The best care in the air" on every flight, every day.

-Travel+Leisure magazine recognized Midwest Airlines as Best Domestic Airline in 2004, 2003 and 2002 - a total of five times in eight years.
-OAG, publishers of the Official Airline Guide, named Midwest Airlines Best Airline based in North America in 2003 and Best Economy/Coach Class Airline in 2002.
-Cond Nast Traveler Business Travel Awards rated Midwest Airlines #1 Domestic Airline in its class in 2003 and 2002.
-The prestigious Zagat Airline Survey rated Midwest Airlines the #1 Domestic Airline in its last four surveys.

As early as 1948, Kimberly-Clark corporation began providing corporate air transportation for executives traveling between its headquarters and company mills. Their expertise in operating a corporate air shuttle led to the formation of K-C Aviation in 1969, providing aviation services and specializing in the meticulous customization of corporate aircraft. After the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978, Kimberly-Clark and K-C Aviation capitalized on their decades of aviation expertise through the formation of a commercial air carrier - Midwest Express Airlines.

Following its startup on June 11, 1984, the airline successfully executed a strategic plan of controlled growth and development. Its initial public offering took place in September 1995. In March 2003, the carrier simplified its name to Midwest Airlines. Its parent company, Midwest Express Holdings, is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol MEH.

Headquartered in Milwaukee, Midwest Airlines employs more than 2,000 people. Milwaukee’s General Mitchell International airport is home to the Midwest Airlines Maintenance Facility, located at 555 Air Cargo Way.

In 1994, Midwest Airlines opened its second base in Omaha, Nebraska. In 2000, the airline opened a third base in Kansas City, Missouri.

The Midwest Airlines fleet includes McDonnell Douglas MD-80 and Boeing 717 jet aircraft.

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