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Las Vegas Parking

Nearly all of the major resort casinos around town have large self-parking lots that are absolutely free. The lots at these properties are usually multiple-story structures that are easily able to accommodate guests that choose to arrive via self-transportation. The only drawback to self-parking is due to recent heightened security precautions at some casino garages, which may require you to show identification or to open your trunk for inspection. Be prepared to wait in line, especially on busy holidays or weekends.

Many downtown properties also offer free garage parking, though the maximum stay for non-guests is a bit stingy - generally three to four hours. Before you leave, donít forget to have your parking ticket validated at the cashierís cage inside the casino (no purchase or gambling required).

Another plus, found at the vast majority of hotels in Las Vegas, is free valet service. The valet approach to parking is unbelievably convenient. All you need to do is step out of your car and into the casino. At the end of the night you simply hand them your ticket and the valet will grab your car for you. This saves you the usual long walk to the parking lot. Donít forget to tip!

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