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Planet Hollywood Brings Hollywood To Las Vegas

Celebrity Scene News by Pete Allman

Bruce Willis is certainly one of the top box office draws in Hollywood. He means business when he says " Planet Hollywoods grand party in September will be the biggest thing to ever hit Las Vegas." Willis, who seemed to be very relaxed at the sneak preview, was with his partner Robert Earl, the C.E.O. of Planet Hollywood. When asked if he was going to be another music album, he smiled and said "Maybe?" . After a long introduction of various restraints , the media was surprised when three great sport legends where introduced. They are boxing great Sugar Ray Leonard, one of the best baseball players of our time, Roger Clemens and Career Grand Slam record holder, Pete Sampras. Shortly after the press conference we were given tour of the hotel which started with the "Extra" lounge. This is where "Extra" does all their national broadcast when they are in Las Vegas in addition to other media doing their interviews also. There is no question that Hollywood premiers will be a big part of Planet Hollywood. Bruce Willis and Robert Earl both assured me that the premiers at Planet Hollywood will be much like those in Hollywood.

  Sugar Ray Leonard, Pete Sampras, Robert Earl, Bruce Willis, Bruce Willis, Roger Clemens, Hans Clock, Carmen Electra

While in the "Extra" lounge I interviewed Sugar Ray Leonard about his participation with Planet Hollywood and his thoughts about Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather Jr. " I met Robert Earl a few years ago, We had a great time at Planet Hollywood over at Caesar's Palace. When they considered taking over the "Aladdin" and rebuilding it they contacted me about their sports projects, It's Been a great business relationship " said Leonard. On the two fighters Leonard states "Oscar is a true champion, he doesn't have the speed that Mayweather has so he has got to definitely work on his body to break him down. On the other hand, Mayweather's speed is what can cause a knock out and especially build up points. Either way this championship fight is a great plus for boxing."

  Pete Allman talks with Sugar Ray Leonard for Celebrity Scene News