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Las Vegas RV Parks - Camper Resorts

 Nevada's 15 highway has three RV parks directly adjacent to it.

RV and Campers will find great resort ameneties at the end of the road.

Campers will discover middle-of-the-read RV parks in Las Vegas

Nevada in an RV Camper

The American Southwest is vast; bigger than Easterners and Europeans really understand. The distance from Las Vegas' resorts to Los Angeles' beaches requires four hours to cross, and locals consider that a short jaunt. The Grand Canyon's West Rim, considered a local tourist attraction, is just two hours away. The South Rim Park requires five hours. Phoenix takes six.

Experiencing Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico in an RV is a spiritually-moving drive that few people are ever free to enjoy. It takes too much time. As the RV wheels roll, mountains and canyons morph into plains, Joshua Tree forests flit by, and wild west sunsets gradually ignite the sky. To see the West is to feel small. Parking suddenly at the Grand Canyon, after miles of sagebrush and rocks, is like discovering the edge of the world. Far-off dots near the canyon floor are thought to be birds, but through binoculars they resolve into helicopters. Miles away, the Hoover Dam guards its ravine, bigger in life than it ever could be in pictures. Anyone lying on their stomach on the hot cement wall can stare straight down at the miniscule pipes emerging from the dam's foot. Hours to the North, in the mammoth Zion National Park, daredevils scramble up a 1,200' fin of rock, ignoring the sheer drops to the left and right. Even in the city of Las Vegas, with its two million citizens, the streets are wide and the resorts are magnificent. Newcomers spot famous casinos down the street and decide to walk, unaware that they've undertaken a two-mile hike. RV's are welcome here, and RV parks abound.

Las Vegas' RV Parks and Resorts

A camper travelling under the Nevada Sky

The scrubby cacti and cracked concrete surprise some visitors to Las Vegas' RV parks. The greenery that grows tall and abundantly in the East requires so much coaxing, and landscaping in Southern Nevada that it has become a luxury. The desert sun beats down, baking mountains into an alien landscape. Proximity to the Strip usually equals less greenery. The RV park at Circus Circus is little more than a parking lot, but from it the whole Strip is accessible by foot. The Oasis is a palm-tree fortified camper resort in Las Vegas with a beautiful swimming pool and a cute golf course.  Visitors should bring that car along, as it's about seven miles from the South Strip. A good compromise might be Sam's Town; it's close to the Eastside Cannery and Boulder Station, and transportation to the mega-casinos will be plentiful and affordable. Plus, the Killers named their 2006 sophomore album after this casino/RV park.


Daily prices range from just $30 to $60 nightly, depending on the quality of the site, pull-through vs. back-in, and proximity to the facilities.  Monthly rates hover between $600 and $900.  Most RV parks offer internet access, swimming pools and small general stores. 

Remember, make sure your A/C is in good working condition in July and August.  It does get cold in the wintertime, dipping below freezing at night during November, December, and January.  The lows during the day are around 40-50 degrees.