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Heart Of Compassion Helps Thousands

By Pete Allman

Heart Of Compassion

There is no question that our planet is in trying times. The working man, along with the single Mother has made choices between paying the rent and having enough food to feed their families. The environment has its share of pollution, racial discrimination is still upon us, and our education for future generations has to be up graded. So what is being done about it, especially our college kids graduating from college who can't get a job. At this point, there's no complete answer for the problems that is going on throughout the world. There are however organizations that are helping make a difference.

Heart of Compassion, is one organization that has an impressive and inspirational story, helping feed almost 20,000 people on a weekly basis and also educating men who need a lease on life. This organization was founded by Pastor Eric Tietze, nearly 20 years ago. Pastor Tietze started serving hot meals, watching his organization grow to a 30 million dollar a year business, distributing food to outreach organizations, not to mention going out to communities in Pico Rivera, Compton, East Los Angeles, Watts and as far away as Honduras, Central America, and Mexico.

"We're doing the Lords work and it's only through the grace of God that were able to be as successful as we our," states Pastor Tietze. He adds, God makes a way, when there is no way."

Pete Gasteliem, the supervisor at Hearts of Compassion and Frank Serrano, the warehouse manager, are both true to their words when they mentioned that that were able to clean up their past from alcohol and drugs because of God through the supervision of Pastor Tietze.

Heart Of Compassion

HOC, has their own church services where people who were crippled, walking in with their canes would here the sermon and leave hands free, completely healed through the laying of hands. Another miracle through the power of God.

Perhaps their best description of what HOC is doing, is a video produced for them entitled, "Hunger Has No Distinction". It's available to view on Vimeo.

In addition to running HOC through faith, they also have classes for individuals who want a certificate in running a fork lift, driving a semi, chefs certificates and learning English, thus receiving a high school diploma. Getting certified, gives those who just got out of prison or are working on getting their citizenship hope for a better way of life.

HOC doesn't receive any government grants, in order that they may hold church services at their warehouse. They're located on 600 Maple Ave in Montebello, California. Call 322-727-0170 to donate or sponsor a weekly food distribution.

Heart Of Compassion is a 501 3c nonprofit, which has received many awards and a Proclamation from the City of Montebello for their dedication in helping feed families and providing individuals with education to help them become self-sufficient.

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