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US Airways Las Vegas

Travel Policies:


Tickets are not transferable to any other party and must be used by the passenger whose name appears on the original ticket. For involuntary refunds, view our Contract of Carriage.

Refundable Tickets
For refundable electronic tickets purchased through US Airways (including, call our Reservations Desk or complete our online form.

For tickets purchased through a travel agent (including online agencies such as Expedia, Travelocity, etc.), please contact the travel agent.

Non-Refundable Tickets
To make a change to a paper ticket, please see an agent at the airport or contact your travel agent to make a change. If you have an electronic ticket, call the Reservations Desk or your travel agent to make a change.

Domestic flight changes are subject to a $100 fee and international flight changes are subject to a $200 fee, in addition to any difference in fare.

The following rules apply:
-If a reservation is canceled on/before the ticketed departure date, the value of the ticket may be applied toward future travel up to one year from the original issue date. Travel on the new ticket must be completed within one year of the original date of issue.
-If any part of the ticket is unused after the ticketed departure date and the reservation has not been canceled, the ticket has no value.
-Once the value of a non-refundable ticket has been applied towards the purchase of a new ticket, the original ticket is considered valueless

Guaranteed Air Fare Refund

When a new lower fare becomes available after a ticket has been purchased, customers are entitled to a Guaranteed Air Fare Rule refund within the following guidelines:

-The lower fare is available for the exact itinerary previously purchased.
-No portion of the reservation has been flown.
-Guaranteed airfare refunds are not available for online ticket exchanges. Certain promotional fares may be excluded.

$100 service fee will be charged unless the refund is issued in the form of a travel voucher. Additional rules and restrictions may apply. Call our Reservations Desk to seek a Guaranteed Air Fare Refund.

Move-Up Program
The new US Airways* understands that travelers need flexibility in their schedule. That's why we allow you to "move up" to any earlier flight on the same day of your originally scheduled departure time at the airport (with the exception of flights to Hawaii and Europe). Please note: Day-of-departure changes may only be made at the airport and not through our Reservations centers.

If there is an open seat available on any earlier flight that departs on the same day as your originally scheduled departure, you may change to that flight and we will automatically confirm your reservation for $25 for flights within the 48 contiguous United States and $50 for flights to Latin America, the Caribbean, Canada and Alaska. This lower confirmation fee replaces the usual $100 change fee, plus any differences between your old fare and new fare, for non-refundable tickets.

If there is NOT an open seat available on an earlier flight that departs on the same day as your originally scheduled departure, you may stand by for that flight at no charge. Standing by at no charge is not permitted if we can confirm that there is an open seat available for that flight. Seats on completely booked flights may become available if passengers with confirmed reservations don't show up for the flight. Please note: Unlike a confirmed reservation, flying standby does not guarantee that you will get on the particular flight that you want and may involve waiting for two or more flights before a seat is available to you.

Lost Tickets
If you've lost your ticket and wish to replace it, you must purchase a replacement ticket with an identical itinerary to the original ticket at the current lowest fare and obtain a lost ticket application by contacting your travel agent.

Paper Tickets
US Airways only issues paper tickets on for itineraries that are not e-ticket eligible. A $50 paper-ticketing fee applies. Requests to convert existing e-tickets to paper tickets will also incur the $50 fee.

To purchase a paper ticket, visit any airport US Airways flies to, call our Reservation Desk or call your travel agent. Paper ticket requests that require express courier shipping will incur an additional fee of $15.

You can view or e-mail an existing electronically ticketed reservation online using our Access Current Reservations feature and entering your confirmation number. Each segment of your itinerary is available for viewing for up to two days after it has been flown.

For $20, you can obtain a copy of an electronic ticket receipt for a reservation that has already been flown by calling our Reservations Desk.

Alternate Patment Methods
US Airways offers several different types of credit vouchers that can be used to pay for all or part of your travel or cargo services with US Airways and US Airways Express. Alternate methods of payment may not be used for online purchases.

US Airways Gift Card:

US Airways gift cards can be redeemed for travel on US Airways entire route network.


Participating retailers:
-7 Eleven
-Diamond Shamrock
-Longs Drugs
-RadioShack Franchise
-Rite Aid
-Winn Dixie

Redeeming Gift Cards
US Airways and America West gift cards do not expire and are redeemable for air travel and related taxes and security fees for flights on US Airways entire route network.

Travel Discount Programs:

Military Leave Fares
US Airways offers special rates to military personnel traveling on an officially excused absence and to discharged personnel within seven days of discharge. Special rates are also applicable for military dependents. Children are eligible for the military dependent fare as follows:

-An individual who is at least 15 years old must accompany children under the age of 5 on all sectors in the same compartment.
-Children ages 5-14 may travel unaccompanied only on nonstop flights.
-Children 15-17 are accepted without restrictions.

Special rates are not available to personnel on temporary duty orders traveling to or from their temporary duty station.

The military passenger must carry valid active duty identification or separation papers.

Military dependents must be a relative of the military passenger. A military dependent must present a Uniformed Services Identification and Privilege Card marked "active.

In The Air:

Check out all the ways we’ll entertain you on your next flight. From in-flight trivia and magazines to feature films and sitcoms, flights are more fun when you fly US Airways.

-Audio Programs

Meals, Snacks and Beverages
US Airways offers meals and snacks for purchase on select flights and beverages on all US Airways flights, as well as First and Envoy class meal service and special meals.

-Melas and Snacks
-First and Envoy Class Meals
-Special Meals

Business Tools
US Airways offers on-board telephones and laptop power ports on select flights.

-Labtop Power


Track Delayed baggage
US Airways is a member of WorldTracer a computerized baggage tracing system with over 300 member airlines and 2200 airports worldwide participating to assist in the location of misdirected customer baggage.

If your baggage has not arrived at your final destination, contact a US Airways baggage representative, during the first five days for the status of your delayed baggage. A US Airways representative will enter your baggage information into the tracing system and will provide you with an update.

Track the status of your baggage
-If you received a 6-letter file reference number (for example: STCGJH), please view Track My Baggage. You will receive a response within 24 hours.
-If you received a 10-character file reference number (for example: CTYUS12345), please visit Track My Baggage.

Delayed Bags
If your bag is delayed, please notify a US Airways representative before leaving the airport, or within four hours of arrival at your destination.

Damaged Bags
If your bag is damaged, please notify a US Airways representative within 4 hours of arrival at your destination for domestic travel, or within 7 days for international itineraries. All reports must be made in person at the airport.

US Airways is not responsible for conditions that result from normal wear and tear, or the following:

Damage to:
-Wheels, feet, zippers, extending handles
-Over-packing of the bag
-Fragile or perishable items
-Loss of external locks
-Pull or security straps
-Manufacturer's defects

Rynn's Luggage provides baggage repair services.

Special Needs:

Passengers with Diabetes

-Notify the screener that you have diabetes and are carrying your supplies with you. Lancets, blood glucose meters and blood glucose test strips can be carried through the security checkpoint.
-Notify screeners if you're wearing an insulin pump and ask if they will visually inspect the pump since it cannot be removed.
-Insulin pumps and supplies must be accompanied by insulin with professionally printed labels described above.
-If possible, advise screeners when/if you are experiencing low blood sugar and are in need of medical assistance.

Passengers with Pacemakers
-Advise the screener that you have an implanted pacemaker and ask the screener to conduct a pat-down inspection of you rather than you walking through the metal detector or being hand-wanded.
-Though not required, carrying a Pacemaker Identification Card (issued by your healthcare provider) when going through airport security can help avoid delays.

Passengers with Personal Assistance Devices
-Notify screener if X-ray inspection will harm your equipment. Ask for your device to be visually and physically inspected instead.
-You will not be asked to remove your prosthetic device or body brace for it to undergo X-ray inspection. Prosthetic devices and body braces will be visually and physically inspected once you have gone through the metal detector. Private screenings are available.
-If equipment cannot fit through the X-ray machine, the screener will perform a visual and physical inspection of your equipment.
-Crutches, canes, and walkers need to go through the x-ray machine. Collapse canes whenever possible before they are put on the x-ray belt.

Passengers with Hidden Disabilities
-You or your traveling companion can advise screeners of your hidden disability and that you may need some assistance or need to move a little slower than others.
-Notify screeners if you have special equipment that cannot go through the X-ray machine. Request a physical/visual inspection of your equipment instead of an X-ray inspection.
-Notify screeners if you need to sit down before the screening process is completed

Passengers with Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Guidlines and Restrictions

Effective November 2, 2005, passengers needing medical oxygen may travel with approved portable oxygen concentrators (POCs), which includes Inogen One and Airsep Lifestyle models. These devices are permitted for use on any US Airways, US Airways Shuttle or US Airways Express flight (except for Beechcraft 1900 aircraft). You must be capable of hearing alarms and seeing alarm light indicators and taking appropriate action in response.

For codeshare flights, contact the operating carrier for rules on traveling with portable oxygen concentrators on other carriers.

Before You Board
-Unit and battery supply are not counted toward free carry-on baggage allowance. Batteries must be packed individually to prevent short- circuiting and damage.
-Ensure that the unit is free of oil, grease or other petroleum products and is in good condition free from damage or other signs of excessive wear or abuse.
-Inform the gate agent that you intend to use a portable oxygen concentrator on board the aircraft.
-Carry an adequate battery supply with you in your carry-on luggage. View our timetables page or call our 24-hour Reservations Desk at 800-428-4322 to determine the length of your flight.

During Your Flight
Provide a medical authorization form or doctor’s statement to the flight attendant once on board the aircraft. The form will be returned to you. Your POC must fit underneath the seat in front of you or in an overhead bin. You may not be seated in an exit row.

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