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Vegas Film and Television Productions up for 2006
by Pete Allman

There is no question as to Nevada's popularity with the motion picture industry. In 2005 NFO channeled revenues exceeding $100 million into the State of Nevada's with more than 650 productions of all kinds. In 2006 Nevada surpassed the $100 million dollar mark by 15 million which included television production as well. Areas of filming which are very attractive include Nevada's back country on the white playa of the Black Rock Dessert. There is historic mining town's such as Virginia City and San Mountain., a 600 foot high two mile long white sand dune outside Fallon, which is open two four wheel vehicles.

Other areas include Red Rock which includes a 12 mile scenic route where many commercials are made. Other popular locations would include the filming of the Colorado River and Lake Mead surrounded by richly colored sandstone throughout Southern Nevada. Nevada interestingly enough has 14 raceways, 54 public airfields and 48 million acres of rugged off-road terrain,
that plays host to the most thrilling and invigorating race action found anywhere in America.
For more information on filming and sound stages call (702) 265-9099 or e-mail